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Maintaining the Hygiene of Office Buildings During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Maintaining the Hygiene of Office Buildings During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus situation has put businesses under large amounts of stress. But now, offices are opening slowly and it's time to proceed with the new way of life. Commercial buildings should take a well-rounded approach to disinfect their premises to stay safe during these times.

It’s a mammoth task to clean locations using the new CDC recommended protocols. But it’s essential to ensure the safety of your workers and clients.

Disinfect Common Areas in Tackling the Coronavirus Situation:
CDC has recommended clear guidelines for safety measures to contain the coronavirus situation across the country. The virus can spread through contaminated surfaces as humans have a bad habit of touching their nose, eyes, or mouth frequently.
A recent study was conducted by a medical journal which found that coronavirus can stay suspended in the air for up to three hours. It can stay on surfaces for up to 72 hours, including:
• Up to 4 hours on copper
• Up to 24 hours on cardboard
• 2-3 days on stainless steel
• 2-3 days on a plastic surface

So, thorough disinfection is a prerequisite for maintaining the hygiene of your facility. Some common surfaces that require regular cleaning include:
• Elevator buttons
• Faucet flash buttons
• Light switches
• Computer monitors and keyboards
• The surface of conference tables
• Office kitchen areas and vending machines

Keep disinfectant wipes in shared spaces for employees to use. You can also remove extra furniture to reduce cleaning items..

Best Cleaning Practices for Tackling COVID-19 Situation:
• Cleaning is the first step to stop the coronavirus situation. It removes germs, dirt, and impurities to a great extent. Cleaning doesn't kill the virus but lowers the risk of spread.
• The 2nd step is disinfecting the surface areas using EPA recommended chemicals. It kills germs from the touch-points and also lowers the risk of infection.
• Sanitizing is the final step in eliminating the COVID-19 virus to a great extent. Some offices in the US are resorting to deep cleaning practices daily to ensure the health of their employees.

Promote Personal Hygiene Among Workers to Combat COVID-19..

It’s essential to promote personal hygiene among workers to combat the march of coronavirus. You should:
• Ask employees to wash their hands after touching any surface frequently
• Discourage gathering of more than 5 people inside cafeteria or public places
• Paste infographic materials on office premises
• Scale down the number of people attending meetings

It is important to train your janitorial staff to tackle the coronavirus situation. Contract a reputable cleaning service to sanitize your commercial place. A strong disinfection plan, along with safety measures, will able to throttle the spread of COVID-19 pandemic and ensure a safe workplace.