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Post Construction Cleaning a Must for Any Construction or Remodeling Project

Post Construction Cleaning a Must for Any Construction or Remodeling Project

Post Construction cleaning is an absolute necessity to get your construction and/or remodel project ready for your client.

Post-construction cleaning becomes important if you want to boaster your property in style:
• Construction work is messy.
• Constructions leave behind, not only a beautiful structure, but also cement, dust, debris and other construction materials.
• Most of the builders will not clean after the project is complete.
• But it becomes a necessity to clean all the post-construction debris remaining onsite.
• For that, you will need the help of a professional post construction cleaning service in Dallas, Texas to do the work for you!

Post-construction cleaning projects:
Next in line stands the question, “what exactly will be cleaned by a post construct cleaning service?”
• Commercial Construction building - We are specially equipped for tough cleaning services for any commercial building size, be it small or a high rise, multi-storied building. You can transfer a messy construction site into a spick and span business area in no time!
• Residential construction building - Let us get the dust and unpleasantness out of your new home so that you can move in with a spotless zeal for the next stage of your life!
• A little something more: We don’t only offer new construction cleaning services, you can also use us for a clean-up after renovations!

Phases of building and cleaning go hand in hand:
When it comes to construction cleaning, Elite Commercial Cleaning does not leave out a single phase that needs attention.
1. Before construction: Yes, it is necessary to give a clean work station to the builders. If you are getting a renovation done, this is extremely important and Elite Commercial Cleaning is ready to work for you!
2. On-going: On-going upkeep makes sure that the mess is kept in check. It ensures safety for the workers who are being engaged for a long term project.
3. After construction: Tiding up the mess the builders have created is the specialty of our post-construction cleaning service. In this final stage of cleaning, all the sand, stone chips and construction materials left behind will be disposed of, and you will be presented with a building as neat as newly folded laundry!

Details you can expect from post-construction cleaning service:
We have sworn to deliver cleanliness with professionalism, care and commitment.
• Paint stain removal from all surfaces
• Sand and stain removal from every surface
• Stone particles disposal
• Wiping of fittings, window panes and rails
• Glass and windows free of any messy construction material
• Furniture and upholstery cleaning and vacuuming
• Bathroom and kitchen cleaning
• Dirt removal from all surfaces
• Removal of smudge and scuff from the walls
• Graffiti removal
• Sanitization of all surfaces
• Cleaning of walls and ceilings (if applicable)
• Lobby, lifts, parking lot and corridor areas

The benefits of choosing post construction cleaning service from Elite Commercial Cleaning:
As we keep our hands dirty, we wish to present to you a pristine post-construction site for you to start the next phase. Apart from tidiness, our post-construction cleaning service delivers:
• A guarantee of using safe products for cleaning. Our products are eco-friendly and super safe for human use
• Flexible appointment schedules. We work at a time you are most comfortable with
• Thorough job throughout. Our team leaves no corner unattended
• Fast service is our prized procession. We waste no time
• Transparency and all-round assistance
• A methodological service - from planning to follow up